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We always have alcohol in stock. All our customers are always happy with the speed of delivery. For regular customers, we provide discounts, which can help you buy alcohol even cheaper than in the shop.

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Shop for Saskliquor, Sobeys liquor, and other liquor retailers at discount pricing. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!

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With exclusive specials and weekly in-store fliers, choose from thousands of beer, wine, and spirit goods.

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The cost of delivery begins at $2.99. Take advantage of the most affordable delivery fees from your favorite local retailers.

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Booze Delivery Toronto

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The Booze Delivery was founded in 2007 to bring order and strength to a business previously seen negatively and then expand that service throughout the province. 

We believe we’ve met our original objectives. We’re continuing to grow – continually hiring more drivers, expanding into new areas of Ontario, and educating Ontarians about the advantages of a service like ours. 

So come join us and find out for yourself!

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We'll dispatch a driver straight immediately, and then it'll be over. We've arrived at your doorstep. Relax and take it all in! The drinks are delivered the same day! That's all there is to it!

What People Say About Us

Adrianna yvette

This was my very first time ordering from them, and all I can say is 10/10.
Not only did they arrive under 20 mins but they also accept cash which I find very useful!! Great service I will be ordering again in the future 🙂

“Never used this service before, always just went to LCBO. Can I say, WAY easier that you think! Kero was their agent and he is 100% the best. Would use again if Kero is there 👍🏻👍🏻”
“I got hit in the face and Tipsy was there with wine like a tiny angel direct from heaven. I'm telling everyone I know! Amazing service 10 stars”
“Used their service as a last minute order for xmas eve and xmas. A special thanks to my courier, Kero, delivered with care and very fast and friendly service, will definitely order again ☺️”

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